BCS HEQ- Diploma in IT

The British Computer Society-Higher Education Qualifications (BCS HEQ) are offered by the BCS, the
Chartered Institute for Information Technology (CIIT) in the UK (http://www.bcs.org). They are the
“gold standard” set of internationally recognized IT qualifications since 1969. It allows a candidate to
earn a UK university honours degree equivalent IT qualification when fully completed and become
eligible for Post Graduate studies in more than 150 selected universities in the UK and in Sri Lanka.

This is the diploma level of BCS Higher Education Qualifications. This level is the academic equivalent
to year 2 of UK university honours degree and is recognized by the Qualifications and Curriculum
Authority (QCA) as level 5.

Recognition (Upon completion)

  • Academic equivalent to year 2 of a UK university honours degree (recognized by Ofqual as   Level 5).
  • The candidate is eligible to apply for MBCS with three (03) years IT industry experience

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

April / October


6 Months

Course Modules

Course Modules


Professional Issues in Information Systems Practice (CORE Module)


Database Systems


Systems Analysis & Design


Object Oriented Programming


Software Engineering I


IT Project Management


Computer Networks


Internet Technologies


IT Service Management

*One Compulsory (CORE) module and three modules selected by student

Entry Requirements

Passing of or exempted from BCS HEQ certificate in IT course