International Hotel School (CINEC-IHS)

The CINEC International Hotel School is a private hospitality education institution that offers various industry interactive and application-oriented training programs and courses in the hospitality and tourism management in partnership with national and global leading organizations and associations of the industry.

The CINEC-IHS currently provides job-focused certificate courses on par with the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) of Sri Lanka and also in collaboration with internationally recognized educational and academic institutions.

The IHS offers certificate and diploma programmes opening an academic path from certificate to degree and masters/MBA programmes in hospitality and tourism management conducted by the CINEC Campus.

The IHS’s short and tailor-made training courses in various areas of tourism and hospitality management are designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully address the growing market trends of business development of the industry at its competitive environment and dynamic changes.

The CINEC-IHS also offers specific five certificate programmes in Pastry and Bakery, Professional Cookery, F&B Services, Guest Relations and Housekeeping. These certificate programmes are on par with the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) of Sri Lanka. These programmes are also powered by Austrian Educational Standards through the educational partnership with Modul University Vienna. These five certificate programmes provide the students with practical, hands-on training at Ruwala Resort, Kalpitiya. The course and also create internship training opportunities at recognized national and international Hotels, Cruises and Airline operations along with a strong theoretical and conceptual understanding in tourism and hospitality management.