BBA in Airline and Airport Management – Top Up

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management program of Lincoln University College, Malaysia (LUC) is designed to train our registered students to assume managerial and administrative roles in the Airline and Airport sector. With the latest expansion of the airlines industry, the number of employees needed for its smooth operation has also increased, for focusing such areas as airport safety and security, technicalities, finances, etc. Skilled professionals are therefore required to serve in the industry. It encompasses of all the aviation-related companies, service providers, airlines, aircraft, public and private crafts flying commercially and non-commercially. The curriculum is devised not only to fulfil the requirements of today’s rapid changing Aviation Industry but also to provide our students a strong background in the Airline and Airport Management field as well as business and leadership practices. The career opportunities in the aviation industry are enormous.


Program Aim

Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management program aims to create skilled professionals for the aviation sector and allied management fields for those with an entrepreneurial turn to acquire the skills to start their own set-up. The program is highly appropriate as it addresses the business requirements of the aviation sector. They provide skills to benefit their employment within an airport management role and the student’s future career prospectus.

Course Type

Part Time

Course Commencement Dates

May 2023


1 Year

Course Modules

Semester 1

BAAM 6023

Introduction to Aviation Management

BAAM 6063

Introduction to Financial Management

BAAM 6313

Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming

BAAM 6123

Introduction to Airline Operations

Semester 2

MPU 3232

Leadership Skills and Human Relation

BAAM 6163

International Business Management

BAAM 6253

Logistics and Air Cargo Management

BAAM 6273

Airline Finance and Aviation Insurance

BAAM 6383

Airline and Airport Marketing Management

Semester 3

BAAM 6173

Research Methodology

BAAM 6343

Strategic Management

BAAM 6416

Project Work

Entry Requirements

Advance Entry (1-year top-up)

  • HND/HD in Aviation Management/Business Administration or Management
  • HND/HD in Aircraft Maintenance/Airport Management
  • Senior Professionals in the Airline industry with over 10 years of experience.
  • Any other recognized Higher Diploma as approved by LUC.

Job Opportunities

Bachelor of Business Administration in Airline and Airport Management suits managers, Pilots, and professionals working for airlines, airports, and related authorities, supply and support services. The graduates are hired in capacities such as-

  • Airport Manager
  • Aviation Manager
  • Aircraft Maintenance Managers(Engineering)
  • Pilots
  • Aviation Consultant
  • Cargo Manager
  • Administrator
  • Ground Staff Manager
  • Safety and Maintenance Manager