Research Centres

Research Division (RD)

The Research Division is established to carry out research in collaboration with local industries, state organizations such as NBRO, NERDC, ITI, RDA, etc., state universities and partner universities. The Division consists of staff from every Faculty/Department, representing different areas of speciality.

The Research Division is committed to excellence in research, offering quality research opportunities to staff, students, and partners in industry. In line with this approach, RD has up to now established two collaborative Research Centres, with the intension of having more in collaboration with relevant industries.

1. Orange Electric – CINEC Research Centre

About Orange Electric

Our Vision – To create a billion dollar global electrical brand

Our Mission – To add more to life with electricity

At OREL CORPORATION, the makers of Orange Electric, we believe that more can be added to life with electricity. We put together the best Sri Lankan ingenuity with the world’s leading technologies to solve your toughest challenges with electricity. We will one day switch on the world. But today, we are lighting up every Sri Lankan home. We are not just dreaming about it, with every passing day, we are making it happen.

The Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is the most sought after division of ORANGE. We exist to satisfy the needs of our consumers. Our innovations are market centric and very practical. Our Innovation Centre capability, design and product development have reached millions of consumers both at home and across the world. Our team backed by technologically advanced R&D, tool room, quality assurance and rapid quality improvement makes Orel Corporation a leading manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

Complying with the requirements of product stands, regulatory and statutory requirements, customer needs and expectations, the QA Team is avowed to deliver excellence by adhering to Orange Q2 DOT (Quality, Quantity & Delivery on Time) and remains firm to the culture of continual improvement of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the entire value chain and re-engineers all key process keeping the customer as the center of focus. Our Rapid Quality Improvements Team (RQIT) finds permanent solutions by product redesign or by process improvements through customer feed-back. This unit has added much value to the corporate echelon.

While exploring ways and means of making the key operations cost effective, the Tool Room is determined to add freshness to the company’s product portfolio by anticipating future customer needs and creating new products. The R&D team plays an integral part in the company’s pursuit for leadership excellence by deploying their team’s cohesive effort to find new solutions. We thrive to make a better tomorrow for consumers by brightening up everyday life using modern technology, creativity and dedication.

Research Centre at CINEC

Orange Electric – CINEC Campus Research Centre is a highly sophisticated and well equipped research division developed following the latest industry standards and requirements, designed to carry out latest research in trending and challenging fields, including:

  • Smart Homes &Home Automation
  • Modern Lighting Systems
  • Embedded System Development
  • Internet of Things (IOT).

This allows the engineering undergraduates at CINEC to work in a real engineering environment while pursuing their undergraduate studies and utilize latest technologies to develop futuristic innovative products along with the Sri Lanka’s largest electrical and electronic product development company, Orange Electric. It means that the undergraduates will be able to gather an unparalleled experience and unmatched industry exposure by working at the state of the art Research and Development Division of Orel Corporation in Trace Expert City, Maradana and the latest Manufacturing Facility in Meegoda.

The research team is selected through highly competitive selection criteria which are adjudicated by a well experienced panel including senior academic staff from CINEC Campus, senior engineers and R&D managers from Orange Electric. To ensure the quality and productivity, it is always made sure to absorb undergraduates with high caliber who comprise of innovative ideas and they will be awarded a well-recognized certificate from Orel Corporation during their graduation ceremony which proves their recognition in the industry.

2. MAS – CINEC Research Centre

About MAS

MAS Vision – To Inspire, Innovate, Create Value and Respect Humanity

MAS Mission – Inspire Innovation and Sustainability, Build Talent and Strategic Relationships, Achieve Excellence and Ambitious Profitable Growth

MAS is a $1.6 billion conglomerate and is positioned as one of the world’s most recognized Design–to-Delivery Solution Providers in the realm of Apparel and Textile Manufacturing. The organization is headquartered in Sri Lanka with 48 manufacturing facilities placed across 15 countries, with design locations placed in key style centers across the globe and with over 82,000 people involved in its operation. The seamlessly integrated supply chain that is balanced to perfection with the organization’s strategically placed design houses gives MAS the knowledge, the means and the speed to delivery that is demanded by the industry. MAS has a much diversified portfolio under its umbrella. With businesses in IT, its own brands and Industrial Parks; MAS is a conglomerate that strives to create a self-sustained eco system in the global business arena. Under the MAS umbrella there are four main business arms i.e. MAS Intimates, MAS Active, MAS Fabric and MAS Investment with many other join venture partnerships.

MAS Active

One of the world’s fastest-growing providers of high performance sportswear and men’s premium essential wear, MAS Active is dedicated to producing revolutionary apparel solutions people can excel in. Stylish and functional active wear is keenly designed for maximum agility and comfort, and the enhanced capability of sports professionals.

Each of our 14 manufacturing operations – situated in India, Jordan and across Sri Lanka – has been strategically located to give our global partners a competitive edge. This includes Linea Intimo; South Asia’s largest seamless clothing factory which efficiently executes ‘Concept to Carton’ vertical integration, under one roof. While Nirmaana is a multi-disciplinary ‘creative nerve center’ dedicated to furthering our reputation for innovative design, product development and raw material usage.

Research Centre at CINEC

The passion to innovate at MAS is steered by our promise to always be a ‘value addition’ partner to MAS customers by rethinking apparel and its components. Accelerated innovation is enabled through ‘open innovation’ which has allowed MAS to tap into available resources and knowledge globally by being able to define the need. This has allowed MAS to source solutions from multiple other domains and in return creates products for various other industries.

Creating Game Changers through Autonomation

The Innovation journey at MAS drives its Autonomation (Automation with human touch)arm with an objective to meet the company’s Vision and Mission.
MAS Autonomation is a primary factor which enhances the elevation of Product Quality, Productivity and Team Member Experience.

MAS Autonomation’s key strategy is to “Work collaboratively with internal and external experts/Integrators to develop technological and process Autonomations”. We engage with overseas integrators, local integrators, sewing machine suppliers, MAS internal technology teams and last but not least with the local universities.

The objectives for working with the universities are as follows:

  1. Contribute to national development by providing a platform for universities for its concept of “Results Based Education”
  2. Utilize the mind time/skills of university students to identify and analyze the challenges of MAS Active

With above objectives in mind, we hope to continue developing technologies that allow us to be internationally competitive and to help universities strive for excellence.
Setting up a collaborative research center with MAS Active Trading Pvt Ltd at CINEC Campus is the first step to achieve this goal and to organize programs with In-plant Trainee’s Project (0-6 Months), Final Year Students (6-12 Months) and Instructor/Staff Projects (6 – 18 Months).

The Central Autonomation Team of MAS ACTIVE will work collaboratively with CINEC to develop joint autonomation projects in the categories of In-plant Trainee’s Projects, Final Year Students Projects and Staff Projects.

Autonomation may be described as “intelligent automation” or “automation with a human touch.” It is the technological innovation that enables machines to work harmoniously with their operators by giving them the ‘human touch.’ It employs automatic and semi-automatic processes to reduce physical and mental load on the workers.

3. DAIKI – CINEC Training Centre

Daiki Lanka (PVT) LTD is a subsidiary of Daiki Group Japan, established in 1996 having its headquarters in Hiroshima and Tokyo, with branches in Tokai, Osaka, Tohoku, Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Colombo. The Group has a capital of 50,000,000 YEN and employs around 1,100 personnel.

The company’s main business is in Design and Development of Automobiles, Trains, Ships, Airplanes and Power Plants.

Training Centre at CINEC

The training centre established at CINEC will train eligible engineering graduates in special Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages and provide Japanese Language education. On successful completion of the training course, the participants will be found guaranteed employment in Japanese industries.