Fiji Maritime Academy

We successfully rebranded the Fiji Maritime Academy (FMA) which was formerly known as the School of Maritime Studies (SMS), and have been managing it since the 1st of January, 2014.

Initially founded in 1970 by expatriates in Fiji, the FMA, which is a part of the Fiji National University (FMU), was a renowned maritime institution in its heyday. However, due to the political unrest in the country over several decades, the FMA was unable to sustain the former glory it had enjoyed since its inception. We undertook the challenging task of transforming the FMA once again into a leading maritime training and education institution in the region.

After its transformation, the FMA went on to become Fiji’s first ISO certified education and training centre. As of 2016, the FMA has helped over 300 seafarers comply with the STCW Manila Amendments. The Academy has also garnered interest from other nations in the region for its simulator training courses such as Electronic Chart Display, Engine, Bridge, Information System (ECDIS), Safety System (GMDSS) and Global Maritime Distress.

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