1. Can I study part time?
    Yes we do have part time programmes
  2. Is the Engineering programmes UGC / IESL approved?
    BEng (Hons) / MEng undergraduate degrees are recognized by the UGC & IESL, the BSc ITML programme is recognized by the UGC, apart from this we also conduct UGC approved degrees
  3. How can I enroll?
    Please call us on +94 11 4 486400 or drop us a email on info@cinec.edu, and we will send you the documents for enrolment
  4. When is the programme commencing?
    We have intakes right throughout the year depending on the programme, please contact our customer service for commencement dates.
  5. How can an International Student apply?
    You will need to drop us a email with the required programme you are interested along with your qualification and we will send you the details for enrolment
  6. Can I study the full programme in CINEC?
    Yes, you can study the full programme at CINEC, providing it is not a 2+2 programme
  7. Can I Apply online?
    Am sorry that service is not available presently
  8. What is the ranking of The University?
    We have top world ranked universities
  9. What courses do you offer?
    We offer courses in Maritime, General Engineering, Management, Logistics, Information Technology, English, Aviation, Human Resources and Law
  10. What are the entry requirements for your courses?
    Our customer service will evaluate your results, and provide you with options of programmes which you can follow
  11. What can I do after I have graduated?
    The programmes we offer at CINEC, are recognized locally and internationally, therefore you will have no problem in job offers.
  12. Can I visit the University?
    Yes, you can visit the campus during working days from 8.30am to 05.00pm, we are sorry but we closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Mercantile Holidays
  13. How can I order a prospectus?
    Yes you can, please speak / write to our customer service
  14. How do I get to the University? Does the University have accommodation on campus?
    We can send you directions, at present we only have accommodation for Marine Phase 1 students.
  15. What English language qualifications do I need?
    In order to follow a undergraduate / postgraduate degree you will need to have a Credit pass for G. C. E. O/L or IELTS (Academic) over 6 points (for certain programmes)
  16. Where can I find help for international students? Is there a section for my nationality?
    Please speak / write to our customer service
  17. Does the University have any sports facilities?
    Yes we do have sports facilities such as Cricket, Rugby, Football, Chess, Table Tennis, swimming etc.
  18. What help can I get if I have difficulty with the work once I start my course?
    Yes, You can
  19. How do I apply for an undergraduate course?
    Please speak / write to our customer service
  20. Does the University accept alternative qualifications to A levels for undergraduate degree courses?
    Yes, we do. The alternative qualification defer from each programme, please speak / write to our customer service
  21. Where can I find information about financial support?
    Please speak / write to our customer service
  22. I want to apply to start university in the year before the course information that is currently being displayed on the online prospectus. How do I do that?
    Please speak / write to our customer service
  23. What if my current or predicted grades do not meet your entry requirements?
    We will provide you with alternative solutions.