Seychelles Maritime Academy

In 2013, CINEC was hand-picked by the President of Seychelles to be entrusted with the management of the Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA), at the time, known as the Maritime Training Centre (MTC). Impressed by our well-established maritime college in Sri Lanka during a visit to the island, the President of Seychelles invited us to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Ministry of Education in Seychelles, signifying a three-year partnership formed to achieve this goal.

The SMA currently offers cadets certifications across varying levels in Navigation & Seamanship, Fishing Science & Technology and Marine Mechanics, in addition to several other short courses. The Academy is also planning to launch a series of new internationally recognised courses such as Yacht Master and the Standards of Training Certificate.

To date, we have assisted Seychelles to make the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) white-list, and have contributed significantly to the country’s educational landscape through the introduction of QMS practices; the SMA is Seychelles’ first ISO9001:2008 certified academic institution.

Owing to our success in overseeing the SMA, in October 2016, the MOA has been renewed for another three years, and will last until 2019. At CINEC, we envision the SMA as a premier maritime academy in its region, and together with the cooperation of the Seychelles Government and other key stakeholders, endeavour to make this vision a reality over the coming years.

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