Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology was established in 2008 and is one of the pioneering Engineering Faculties in the non-state higher education sector. The Mission of the Faculty   is to be the center of excellence in non-state Engineering and IT education with a view to produce work-ready graduates and diplomates to serve the Industry and the society as a whole.

The Faculty comprises of four departments; Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Department of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering and Department of Information Technology.


Dr. Janaka Liyanagama

Dr. Janaka Liyanagama
PhD | MSc in Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering & Technology offers five degree programs in Engineering, namely, Automotive, Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and one IT degree in Software Engineering, with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). Minimum entry requirement for these programs is three passes in GCE A/L examination in physical science stream. Students with three A/L passes in any stream can join the Software Engineering degree program, after completing the bridging program of three months duration. In addition, the Faculty offers five Engineering degree programs and two IT degree programmes in affiliation with the University of Wolverhampton (UoW), UK. They are Automotive, Civil & Construction, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science (Software Engineering) and Computer Networks. The minimum entry requirement is one “C” pass and two simple passes at GCE A/L examination. Those who do not posses the minimum entry requirements can join the Technology Foundation program offered by the Faculty and upon successful completion, can join the UoW degree program of their choice. Further, the Faculty offers four Higher National Diploma (HND) programs of Pearson, UK, in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and in IT. Minimum entry requirement is two passes at GCE A/L physical science stream to register for engineering HND programmes. Those who complete the HND program successfully, can join the third year of the relevant UoW degree program and complete the degree.
A compulsory Industrial Training component of six months duration is embedded to all degree and HND programs, with a view to produce work ready graduates. So far, the Faculty has produced more than 850 engineering graduates and more than 250 IT graduates, who are working or pursuing their postgraduate studies in Sri Lanka or abroad.
The Faculty has its own engineering and IT laboratories / workshops / simulation-labs within the Campus to carry out all undergraduate level practical / laboratory work.
On behalf of the Faculty, I warmly welcome all those who are seeking opportunities to make your dream of becoming an Engineering or IT graduate a reality, to join our Faculty of Engineering & Technology at CINEC Campus.