Foreign Students

General Procedure

  1. Students have to fulfil the minimum academic entry requirements.
  2. Eligibility should be checked through respective departments.
  3. The following documents are required for visa processing.
    1. All the original documents and academic certificates in as proof of the successful completion of the Advanced Levels or an equivalent examination.
    2. Certification issued by the Higher Education Authority of your the student’s country, confirming that their academic qualifications are sufficient to meet the minimum eligibility requirements required to gain admission to a university in the student’s country of origin
    3. Valid Passport (the validity should be more than the course duration – copies bearing the photograph and personal details would be adequate)
    4. Police certificate
    5. Medical Certificate
  4. The Academic Department will evaluate the student’s program application. On successful evaluation of the application, the student will receive a conditional offer letter.
  5. After the confirmation, you have to register with the campus by paying 10% of the course fee.
  6. On confirmation of receipt of payment, you will receive an acceptance letter from the Admissions Section. Students are required to sign the acceptance letter and return it to Admissions either by post or via email. After completing all documents; we will be applying for an entry visa for you through the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration.
  7. After you obtain the entry visa, a copy will be sent to you and an original will be sent to the nearest Sri Lankan Embassy in your country.
  8. When you hand over your passport and the copy of your visa to the Sri Lankan embassy, they will stamp an entry visa on your passport for 30 days.
  9. After entering Sri Lanka, if you plan to stay in the country for more than 30 days, you have to apply for a visa again under the residential category.
  10. To apply for a visa under residential category, the following are required:
    1. Government approved visa charges (Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 25,000). Charges may vary depending on the country and taxes.
    2. Proof that you have deposited a minimum sum of USD 1,500 in a local bank in Sri Lanka. It is also possible to meet this requirement by showing proof of having converted a sum of USD 1,500 into Sri Lankan Rupees.
  11. Help and guidance will be offered to students regarding all the visa processes.
  12. All the costs related to visa processing should be borne by the student.
  13. Students will be assisted in finding places of accommodation. Students also have the option of finding places of accommodation on their own. Students will also be assisted in attending to banking needs.