Instructions for authors

General Guidelines

Each author must complete and submit the following forms in addition to the main manuscript and related materials. Following forms can be downloaded.
a. cover letter should be addressed to the editor in chief including the study’s contribution to the scientific literature, Relationship of the study to previously published work, type of article (for example, research article, systematic review, meta-analysis, clinical trial), and the request for consideration for publication.
b. author disclosure form for conflict of interest
c. copyright form
d. ethical clearance from the committee which approved the study if it is involved in human or animal.
e. Clinical trial registration number if it is involved
All authors should read the publication ethics and malpractice statement of the journal before submitting the manuscripts. Authorship criteria are mentioned in the publication ethics and should be read by all authors before manuscript submission.

Manuscripts –

File format


Manuscript files can be in the following formats: DOC, DOCX, or RTF


Language Manuscripts must be submitted in English.




Manuscripts can be any length. There are no restrictions on word count, number of figures, or amount of supporting information.


Font  Manuscript template is given for reference
Space Manuscript text should be double-spaced.


Page numbers  Include page numbers and line numbers in the manuscript file.


Reference please refer the manuscript template


Title page List title, Authors first name, middle name and last name and affiliations,

name of the corresponding author as per the journal publication ethics guidelines  and address emails as first page of the manuscript