BSc (Hons) in Business and Industrial Mathematics

The BSc (Hons.) in Business and Industrial Mathematics degree is offered by CINEC Campus and is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. This is a 4 year degree and CINEC always facilitates students to find their internship in the first 6 months of the final year. Many job opportunities in Business and Industrial Mathematics are highly sought by the industry; This industry, at present experiences a shortage of qualified workforce in order to face future challenges.

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Course Type

Part Time

Course Commencement Dates

September / October


4 Years

Course Modules

Year 1 - Semester 1

BBIM 1301

Principles of Management

BBIM 1302

Fundamentals of Mathematics

BBIM 1303

Business Economics I

BBIM 1304

English for Business I

BBIM 1305

Introduction to Logic and Set Theory

BBIM 1306

IT for Business

Year 1 - Semester 2

BBIM 1307

Business Statistics

BBIM 1308

Calculus I

BBIM 1309

English for Business II

BBIM 1310

Business Economics II

BBIM 1311

Business Accounting

BBIM 1312

Introduction to Business Law

Year 2 - Semester 3

BBIM 2301

Differential Equation I

BBIM 2302

Linear Programming with Computer Application

BBIM 2303

Business Finance

BBIM 2304

Business Communication

BBIM 2305

Computing for Business

Year 2 - Semester 4

BBIM 2306

Graph Theory and Its Application

BBIM 2307


BBIM 2308

E – Commerce

BBIM 2309

Inventory Warehouse Management

BBIM 2310

Procurement Management

Year 3 - Semester 5

BBIM 3301

Customs and Border Management

BBIM 3302

Decision Making for Business Analysis

BBIM 3303

Numerical Methods for Business

BBIM 3304

Production and Operation Management

BBIM 3305

Mathematical Models of Interest

Year 3 - Semester 6

BBIM 3306

Project Management

BBIM 3307

Research Methodology

BBIM 3308


BBIM 3309

Advanced Numerical Analysis

BBIM 3310

Course works and Seminars

Year 4 - Semester 7

Industrial Training - 6

Year 4 - Semester 8

BBIM 4602


BBIM 4403

Quantitative Methods for Industrial Studies

BBIM 4404

Queuing Theory and Markov Processes

BBIM 4405

Discrete Optimization with Computer Application

BBIM 4406

Actuarial Mathematics with computer Application

BBIM 4407

Non-Linear programming

Entry Requirements

Those who have passed GCE A/L examination with three passes for Main subjects in Mathematics Scheme including “ S “ grade for Combined Mathematics.


Any other qualification of comparable standing recognized by UGC of Sri Lanka such as Edxcel/Cambrige with three passes for Main subjects in Mathematics Scheme including “S ”grade for Combined Mathematics.

Job Opportunities

The contribution of Business Industrial Mathematics sector has become crucial with the development of the business and industrial world. Therefore, local as well as international career opportunities in this area is not diminishing but enhancing day by day. Business, one of the most important department in any corporation. Business is also moving with finance simultaneously with fast innovations.

Hence, Business and Industrial Mathematics graduates have excellent career prospects both locally and globally. ­The typical entry level positions will be research and Financial analysts, corporate Finance executives and investment executives. ­The target job market includes Finance companies, Insurance companies, Research Companies, Software Companies, Industrial companies in the corporate Business division of any other organization.