PHYS 101 emphasize both quantitative and conceptual understanding of the topics and tools of introductory physics developed without the use of calculus. The course offers individualized instruction. Students learn through completing assigned readings, problems and laboratory exercises. Additionally, recorded lectures, overview sessions, short videos, sample tests, and online tutorials are provided. The course format provides flexibility, but in some ways is more demanding than a course with a traditional format. Success requires discipline and well-developed study habits.

Number of Credit Hours:

6 credit hours will be awarded after completion of all graded assignments with a minimum of 55%or better (Grade C).


This Course is intended primarily for students with a high school degree seeking extra college level credits in physics or for those intending to pursue Physics as a major at a graduate degree level.

Name of the Instructor:

Athelli, Pravallika Veera. Bsc.BiMC.


Students will be graded on individual quizzes at the end of each chapter, contributing to 50% of the grade and a final quiz contributing to 50% of the grade for a total of 100%. A minimum cumulative score of 55% is required for a passing grade and to receive credit for the course. All quizzes are open note and open book format

Teaching Methods:

Lectures are delivered through an on-line learning management system (LMS). Connection to the web is required as it allows for students to access LMS, relevant abstracts/articles, clinical guidelines, and other material. Lectures and readings are designed to set the stage for the assignments

Registration and Payment Guide:

Please refer to the payment guide before proceeding to payment.>>> CLICK HERE

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

Offered 4 times a year - Jan 1st | April 1st | July 1st | Oct 1st .


14 Weeks

Entry Requirements

This course is open to all registrants, including undergraduates and students with college degree.