Pre – Sea Training Course for Engine Ratings Motorman (CINEC Skills (pvt) ltd – Jaffna)

The Pre-Sea Training Course for Engine Ratings (Motorman) at CINEC is a 03 months program and is approved by the Ministry of Ports and Shipping. It is also in line with the STCW requirements as per the latest amendments. This course specially designed for those who are interested to shine their career locally & internationally as a motorman and become a marine engineer upon the completion of the requirements and is formulated in order to obtain a CDC, which is a requirement to sail as a motorman/Engine rating on merchant vessels.

As a Marine Engineer, prospective candidates would be able to model themselves to be a positive thinking, pro-active person in life and will be able to see the world, get maximum job satisfaction and earn a healthy income as well.

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

January/ May/ September


3.5 Months

Course Modules

Pre-Sea Training Course for Engine Ratings (Motorman)


Terms used in machinery spaces and names of machinery and equipment (6Hr)


Engine-room watch keeping procedures (10Hr)


Safe working practices as related to engine-room operations (24Hr)


Basic environmental protection procedures (12Hr)


Use of appropriate internal communication systems (3Hr)


Engine-room alarm systems and ability to distinguish between the various alarms, with special reference to fire-extinguishing gas alarms (12Hr)


Safe operation of boilers (17Hr)


Knowledge of emergency duties (12Hr)


Escape routes from machinery spaces (6Hr)


Familiarity with the location and use of fire-fighting equipment in the Machinery spaces (6Hr)


Auxiliaries ( basic technical knowledge) (12Hr)


Safe operation of equipment (18Hr)


Knowledge of bilge and ballasting system (6Hr)


Electrical equipment (6Hr)


Maritime English (30Hr)


Workshop Training (Practical’s) (180Hr)

*Mandatory STCW short courses (PSSR, FA, FF, PST, SSA)

Entry Requirements

  • Sat for the G. C. E. Ordinary Level Examination (Local/London)
  • Age should be above 18 years

Job Opportunities

The Marine Engineering subject area provides career opportunities in a broad spectrum of industrial activities; such as,

  • Marine Chief Engineers
  • Marine Third Engineers
  • Shipping Managers
  • Harbor Masters
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Marine Superintendents
  • Working as Engineers in Diesel Power Plants
  • Working as Engineers in Large Factories
  • Working as Engineers in Ship Repair Yards
  • Working as Engineers in 5-Star hotels
  • Lecturers, Demonstrators as Maritime Colleges and Universities.
  • Marine Second Engineers
  • Marine Fourth Engineers
  • Maritime Educators
  • Port State Controllers
  • Ship Surveyors
  • Shipping Administrators