BA (English)

Turn your love of reading and writing into a rewarding career with our Bachelor of Arts in English degree which will help you gain the communication and research skills that are prized by employers. You’ll learn proven techniques to pinpoint and analyze information that helps you build support for your ideas and opinions. You’ll also learn to think critically and write effectively – skills vital to any career you choose to pursue. You will study a wide and exciting range of English related studies at one of the country’s top-rated private campuses. Our aim is to develop you into the sort of independent, self-motivated researcher who is ready for postgraduate study and for a broad range of career opportunities.

Course Type

Full Time / Part Time

Course Commencement Dates



3 years (Weekdays & Weekend courses)

Course Modules

Year 1: Semester 1

ELAN - 1101

Introduction to English Language and English Grammar

ELIT - 1101

Introduction to English Literature

ELAN - 1102

Reading Comprehension

TESL - 1101

Basic Concepts in English Language Teaching

ELAN - 1103

Writing Skills

Value Added

Professional Development

Year 1: Semester 2

ELAN - 1201

Structure of English 1 (Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology)

TESL - 1201

Pedagogical Theory and Practice

ELAN - 1202

Language Acquisition

ELIT - 1201

Background to Literary Periods

ELIT - 1202

Augustan Literature

Value Added

Soft Skills and ICT for learning and Teaching

Year 2: Semester 1

ELIT - 2101

Romantic Poetry

ELAN - 2101

Structure of English II (Syntax and Semantics)

TESL - 2101

Teaching Reading and Writing& Vocabulary

ELIT - 2102

Postcolonial Literature

ELAN - 2102


ELIT - 2103

Shakespeare Studies

TESL - 2102

Teaching Listening and Speaking

Year 2: Semester 2

ELIT - 2201

Sri Lankan Literature In English

ELIT - 2202

Victorian Literature

TESL - 2201

Current Trends in ELT and Classroom Management

ELAN - 2201

Discourse Analysis

ELAN - 2202

Historical Linguistics

ELAN - 2203

English for Specific Purposes

Year 3: Semester 1

ELIT - 3101

Literary Theory in English

ELAN - 3101

Presentation Skills

ELAN - 3102

Translation Skills

TESL - 3101

Lesson Planning and Material Designing

ELIT - 3102

World Literature in English

ELAN - 3103

Research Methodology

TESL - 3102

ELT Curriculum in Sri Lanka

Year 3: Semester 2

TESL - 3201

Testing and Evaluation

ELAN - 3201

Language and Speech Disabilities

ELAN - 3202

Academic Writing

TESL - 3202

Teaching Practice

ELAN - 3203

Independent Study

Entry Requirements

Direct Entry:
Students who passed Local A/L or London A/L (SLQF 2) with English as a subject

Through Entry Test:

  1. Students who passed Local A/L or London A/L (SLQF 2)
  2. Teachers with minimum of 5 years experience in teaching English or those who teach in English medium in private or government schools
  3. National diploma holders of Teaching English or Trained teachers of English
  4. Any other pre-requisite applicable approved by the counsil of the University

Job Opportunities

  • Teaching/Lecturing (both in Sri Lanka and abroad)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Publishing
  • Events Coordination
  • Journalism
  • Civil Service
  • Media (including advertising, marketing and public relationship)
  • Merchandising
  • Information technology