Bachelor of Education in English (Hons)

Why Study B.Ed. at CINEC?

CINEC, being one of the leading and top rated non-state higher Education Institutes in Sri Lanka is now fully fledged to pave the way to the young generation to excel in a wide and exciting range of Education related studies.

B.Ed. in English (Hons) Degree is exclusively designed for teachers, prospective teachers and even for coordinators and managers of Education Sector and the professionals involved in the field of Education both in state and non-state institutes.  By reading this degree, prospective teachers or teachers who are already in service will be able to develop the competencies in all professional and academic courses and learning teaching methodology which enhance the employability skills not only in Sri Lanka but also in abroad.

Hotline: 070 2002 666

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

August 2023


4 years

Course Modules

Year 1 Semester 1

BDP1101 03

Philosophical Foundation in Education

BDP1102 03

ICT for Education

BDE1103 03

Introduction to English Language and English Grammar

BDE1104 03

Basic Concepts in English Language Teaching

BDE1105 03

Introduction to English Literature

Year 1 Semester 2

BDP1201 03

Psychological Foundation of Education

BDP1202 03

Teaching Methods - General & Special

BDG1203 03

Sociological Foundation of Education

BDE1204 03

Background to Literary Periods

BDE1205 03

ELT Methodology, Pedagogical Theory and Practice

BDE1206 03

Writing Skills

BDE1207 03

Augustan literature (Optional)

Year 2 Semester 1


Comparative Education


Guidance & Counselling of Education


Measurement & Evaluation of Education


Structure of English I (Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology)


Introduction to American Literature (Optional)


Computer Assisted Language Learning

Year 2 Semester 2

BDG2201 02

Aesthetic Education (Optional)

BDP2202 02

Educational Management

BDP2203 02

Value Education

BDE2204 03

Structure of English II (Syntax and Semantics)

BDE2205 03

Romantic Poetry

BDE2206 03

Teaching Reading & Writing

BDE2207 03

Sri Lankan Literature in English

Year 3 Semester 1

BDP3101 01

Soft Skills for Teachers

BDG3102 02

Child rights

BDG3103 02

Physical Education (Optional)

BDE3104 03

Classroom Management

BDE3105 03

Teaching Listening, Speaking, and Vocabulary

BDE3106 03

Victorian Literature

BDE3107 03

Discourse Analysis

Year 3 Semester 2

BDP3201 06

Teaching Practice

BDP3202 02


BDE3203 03

Literary Theories in English

BDE3204 03

Language Acquisition

BDE3205 03

Shakespeare Studies

Year 4 Semester 1

BDG4101 03

Research Methods

BDG4102 03

Curriculum Theories and Practice

BDE4103 03

World Literature in English (Optional)

BDE4104 03

ELT Curriculum in Sri Lanka

BDE4105 03

Academic Writing

BDE4106 03

Testing and Evaluation in Second Language Teaching

Year 4 Semester 2

BDG4201 08


Entry Requirements

Direct Entry:
Students who passed Local A/L or London A/L (SLQF 2).

Through Entry Test:

  1. Students who passed Local A/L or London A/L (SLQF 2)
  2. Teachers with minimum of 5 years experience in teaching English or those who teach in English medium in private or government schools
  3. National diploma holders of Teaching English or Trained teachers of English
  4. Any other pre-requisite applicable approved by the council of the University

Hotline: 070 2002 666

Job Opportunities

  • Teaching (both in Sri Lanka and abroad)
  • Lecturing (both in Sri Lanka and abroad)
  • Job opportunities related to academic related disciplines/ Educational Management