BSc (Hons) in Medical and Health Product Management

This is a 4-year honors degree program offering the first time in Sri Lanka by the Faculty of Health Sciences in CINEC Campus Sri Lanka. This degree is designed for students to develop a good understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, medical and health product management.

This degree is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and UGC in Sri Lanka. This degree is specifically designed to develop skills and gain knowledge in regulatory and managerial duties in the pharmaceutical industry in the world. You will be able to continue with pharmaceutical postgraduate studies in almost all developed countries and engage in working in this industry. In the last decade, the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical industry had diversified the roles and functions of the industrial and regulatory officers. This degree program will cover the areas of clinical knowledge, human body system and diseases, disease management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug development, clinical trials, drug marketing, quality assurance and distribution of drug products. Students who complete this degree program can engage in regulatory and managerial positions, drug designing scientists and clinical trial managers in the pharma industry in Sri Lanka and any other place in the world. They will be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge to design, plan and execute an appropriate research project in addition to the knowledge. Hope students will take the challenge of the new opportunities for the Biology Advance level leavers and be successful scientists in future.

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

2023 March


4 Years

Course Modules

1st Year 1st semester


Medical Terminology


General Mathematics


Pharmaceutical Management

BSM 1143

General Pharmaceutics

1st year 2nd semester


Basic statistics


Financial Accounting


Financial management



2nd year 1st semester


Anatomy and Physiology I


Biochemistry I


Organic chemistry


Management accounting


Fundamentals of medical product development

2nd year 2nd semester


Anatomy and Physiology II


Biochemistry II


Pharmaceutics I


Inorganic chemistry


General pathology

3rd year 1st semester

MHPM 3113

Pharmacology 1

MHPM 3123

Pharmaceutics II

MHPM 3133

Medicinal chemistry 1

MHPM 3143

Fundamentals of Biotechnology

MHPM 3153

Pharmaceutical analysis

3rd year 2nd semester

MHPM 3213

Pharmacology II

MHPM 3223

Ethics, Research methodology and Statistics

MHPM 3233

Bioinformatics and data management

MHPM 3243

Medical device regulations

MHPM 3253

Clinical trials

MHPM 3263

Medicinal chemistry II

4th year 1st semester

MHPM 4113

Biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacokinetics

MHPM 4123

Cosmetic and nutritional supplements

MHPM 4133

Pharmaceutical quality control

MHPH 4144

Research project (lit survey, writing and submission

MHPM 4153

MHPM 4153 Integrated marketing communication

4th year 2nd semester

MHPM 4213

Pharmaceutical marketing

MHPM 4223

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

MHPM 4233

Pharmaceutical management

MHPH 4244

Research project II - data, analysis, writing report and submission

Entry Requirements

Successfully completed General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (A/L) (according to UGC criterion) with three passes in same sitting in Science stream; (Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences  or Technology stream).


Successfully completed, either (a) Cambridge Advance Level (A/L), or (b) Edexcel (Pearson) Advance Level (A/L) or (c) International Baccalaureate (IB) conducted in Sri Lanka Bio Science Physical Science or Technology stream, with same sitting at least equivalent or above of three “S” grade in approved subjects.

HOTLINE : 070 647 4536


Job Opportunities

  • Pharmaceutical sales managers
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory managers
  • Clinical trial monitoring executive
  • Pharmacovigilant Scientist
  • Pharmaceutical business development manager