Certificate in Counselling Skills for Teachers

The Faculty of Health Sciences has successfully initiated a certificate course in counselling skills for Teachers. This is a structured comprehensive foundation program/course for all those who wish to study and obtain the essential body of knowledge and training in the basic theories and principles in psychology and counselling techniques that will be utilised in teaching. This course is essential for practising primary and secondary school teachers, special education teachers, trainee teachers, assistant teachers and teacher aides and other teacher training and psychology students who want to broaden their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of educational psychology, and counselling. The knowledge of counselling skills is essential for teachers to promote student learning and well-being. Teachers can play a key role in resolving student issues and concerns. The classroom teacher spends more time with students than any other professional in the school and is thus most likely to influence students and understanding and dealing with the students can be improved with the skills gained from this program

Mode of delivery

Lectures– Online


Course Type

Part Time

Course Commencement Dates

October, 2023


02 months

Course Modules


Introduction to counselling skills


Counselling meaning, need and significance.


Fundamental Counselling skills and techniques


Application of counselling skills for teachers


Non – judgmental Approach towards the students


Approaches to counselling - Case Study 01 & 02


Counselling skills Role Play

Entry Requirements

University Graduates or Members of recognized Professional bodies, or School Teachers or Assistant Teachers, Professional / Academic Diploma or Advanced / Higher (National) Diploma holders or Holders of a Certificate / Diploma in Teacher Training, Education, Psychology or Counselling, and Age not less than 20 years with a simple pass (S) for English in GCE (A/L) Sri Lankan/ London or equivalent.

Job Opportunities

  • Students who successfully complete the certificate course will be able to use basic and integral counselling skills which are applicable under varied environments and that are a must-know for everyone working with children.
  • The certificate course is an added advantage for the teachers to climb up the ladder in their professional life.