Higher Diploma in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science

The faculty of Health Sciences has successfully initiated a Higher National Diploma in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science. It is a professional pathway for students who are seeking to obtain higher qualifications up to degree level. Participants will greatly benefit from the experience of undergoing the educational programs offered by the Department of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science, Faculty of Health Sciences CINEC Campus, Malabe. This Higher National Diploma is designed for students to develop a good understanding of industrial pharmacy and cosmetic science in general and the importance of applying the knowledge and skills into the practice in the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic science field in Sri Lanka and other countries.

Course Type

Full Time / Part Time

Course Commencement Dates

August 2023


2 years : 4 semester programs mixed with blended learning modules

Course Modules

Year 1 Semester 1

HD 1113


HD 1123


HD 1133

Anatomy and Physiology I

HD 1143

Introduction to Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Industry

HD 1153

Good Manufacturing Practices & Organization Management

HD 1163

Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Unit Operations

Year 1 Semester 2

HD 1213

Anatomy and Physiology II

HD 1223

Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Materials and Dispensing

HD 1233

Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Microbiology

HD 1243


HD 1253


Year 2 Semester 1

HD 2113

Documentation Practices

HD 2123

Pathology of Diseases

HD 2133

Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Packaging

HD 2143

Maintenance sciences

HD 2153

Sterile Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Manufacturing

Year 2 Semester 2

HD 2213

Workplace Information Management

HD 2223

Workplace Communication Management

HD 2233

Law, Operations Management & Marketing

HD 2243

Utility and Control Systems

HD 2253

Validation, Calibration and Quality Control

Entry Requirements

  • G.C.E (A/L) in Sri Lankan/ London with minimum of 2 passes in  (Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects) with a credit pass for English in G.C.E (O/L) /or a simple pass for English in GCE (A/L) Sri Lankan/ London
  • Completion of the CINEC Advanced Certificate of Health Sciences (SLQF 2) (this is not necessary for students with 3 passes in A/L in Bio Science Stream as mentioned above )
  • Recognized Diploma (NVQL 4/5) in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical/ Cosmetic sciences with accredited work experience of minimum 1 year with credit pass for English in GCE (O/L) Sri Lanka /London