Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques

This course covers the mandatory training requirements for the issue of a Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques as set out in Regulation VI/1 Section A-VI/1 Para & 2.2, Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW 1978 as amended.

On successful completion of this course, the participants will acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to be able to survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment and to perform their relevant duties effectively during and after an abandon ship situation.

Course Intake Limitations

Maximum 30 students per course.
The Practical training will be held in the CINEC swimming pool.


All training and instructions will be delivered by properly qualified lecturers and instructors who have the qualifications as specified in MSN 25/2016 issued by the Director General of Merchant Shipping, Merchant Shipping Secretariat, Sri Lanka.

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

3 courses per month (as per monthly schedule)


2 ½ days (commencing on Mondays 09.00 hrs and Wednesdays 13.00 hrs)

Entry Requirements

Participants for this course shall be:

  • Persons who have completed an approved training programme as a Cadet or Rating
  • Ratings who have approved shore experience, upon approval from the Shipping Office
  • Not less than 18 years at the time of commencement of the training programme
  • Service personnel who have a letter of approval from the Shipping Office

All participants should have a valid medical certificate issued in accordance with STCW Reg. 1/9, Section A-1/9.