CINEC Society Linkage Cell

CINEC Society Linkage Cell


CINEC Society Linkage Cell (SLC) was established in 2019. This unit is supported by the Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Operation of the Ministry of Higher Education funded by the World Bank.

SLC is responsible for technology transfer, commercialization of research and managing the Intellectual Property (IP). The SLC functions as the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of CINEC Campus. The core role of SLC is to act as a channel between academia and industry by facilitating the move of intellectual assets from the Campus to the industry for the benefit of society, Campus and researchers.

Key tasks of SLC

  1. CINEC Society Linkage Cell encourages and supports academics and students throughout the technology transfer process
  2. SLC plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining industry partnerships vital for bringing technologies to market and disseminating research outcomes for society’s benefit
  3. SLC engaged with industry associates employing the pull method (responding to bridge various specific technological gaps of industry/market and solving industry pain points) and push method (Attracting the industry/ market associates to solve their pain points using new technologies)
  4. Technology licensing negotiations
  5. Intellectual property management & protection as it is crucial in the IP commercialization process
  6. SLC maintains the Campus’s IP portfolio (patents, copyrights, industrial designs & trademarks)
  7. SLC administers the distribution of net technology license revenue among inventors, faculty and SLC