Preparatory Course for Officer In-Charge of a Navigational Watch on Ships of Less Than 500GT (NCV)

This course is for deck personnel who want to obtain Second Mate (OOW) certificate of competency.

On successful completion of the course, candidates need to pass the oral examinations conducted by the Administration for the award of CoC Class 3 Deck Officer. The course meets the requirements of STCW’78, as amended and is highly recognized by the international shipping industry.

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates


Entry Requirements

Candidates shall,

  1. complete 36 months sea-service as a deck rating on ships of 500gt or more and on international voyages;
  2. hold the Basic Safety Training Certificates;
  3. have performed, within the required seagoing service, bridge watch keeping. duties under the supervision of the Master or a qualified officer for not less than 6 months.
  4. have credit passes for Mathematics, Science and English at GCE O/L (Grade 10) or equivalent and
  5. hold a valid personal medical fitness certificate recognised by the DGMS office (to be obtained after arriving in Sri Lanka).


Candidates to send scanned copies of following documents to assess the eligibility

  1. CDC to assess sea time
  2.  Passport Name Page
  3.  Testimonial to confirm 06 months bridge watch keeping
  4. STCW Basic short courses certificates
  5. GCE (O/L) or equivalent qualifications

For International students

  1. The candidate will receive a message on results of the initial assessment carried out by the Examiner of the Mates and Masters.
  2. If the candidate is eligible, CINEC will process the application for Entry Visa documents for the candidate. (This would take approximately three to four weeks)
  3. The CINEC will send a copy of entry visa document to the candidate.
  4. The candidate to visit to the nearest Sri Lankan Embassy to obtain the Entry Visa.
  5. On entry to Sri Lanka the student will receive one month visa at the Colombo Airport.
  6. The student shall obtain the letter of eligibility from the Office of DGMS and extend the visa (at present Visa extension fee is SL Rs 20,000) after enrolment at CINEC (CINEC will provide necessary guidance).