Bridge Team Management

This course complies with the amended STCW 1978 convention and amendments to STCW Code in 2010 which provides in Regulation Reg.II/1,II/2 & II/3, Sec. A-II/1, A-II/2 & A-II/3,Table A-II/1,A-II/2 & A-II/3.The trainees who successfully complete this course will have gained experience in handling a ship under various conditions and will make a more effective contribution to a bridge team during ship maneuvering in normal and emergency situations.The course is a requirement for specific ship manning companies

Course Intake Limitations

Class room size – maximum 18 seats – lecture rooms / workshops / laboratories
Learner / trainer ratio – Lectures – 18:1
Practical – 9:1


The lecturer/instructor would hold a Certificate of Competency as Master (Unlimited) and with 2 years experience sailing at management level after obtaining Certificate of Competency as Master (Unlimited).

Course Developers

  1. Head of Dept. of Marine Simulation
  2. Lecturers/Instructors-Dept. of Marine Simulation

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

On Demand


40 Hours

Entry Requirements

Participant should have sufficient nautical seafaring background