Navigation WatchKeeping Simulator Course – Operational Level

This course is designed and presented for watch-keeping officers who wish to practice or enhance their ship handling skills. It covers the mandatory minimum requirements as set out in Reg. II/1 & II/3 Para. 3 & 4, Sec. A-II/1 & A-II/3 Para.1-6 Table A-II/1 & A-II/3 of STCW ’78 as amended.

Trainees who successfully complete the course will have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively maintain control of a ship when maneuvering to avoid other vessels, maneuverings in confined waters, berthing, anchoring and in emergencies at Operational Level.

Course Intake Limitations

  • Classroom size – maximum 18 seats – Lecture rooms / Workshops / Laboratories
  • Leaner/ Trainer Ratio – Lectures -18:1, Practical – 9:1


The lecturer/instructor would, as a minimum, hold a Certificate of Competency as Chief Officer (Unlimited).

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

On Demand


40 Hours

Entry Requirements

This course is open to deck officers and other seafarers having knowledge in,

  • Radar Observation & Plotting, ARPA, Radar Simulator
  • COLREGS and Watch- keeping experience at Operational Level