Radar Simulator

The course is essentially practical and consists of a series of exercises performed on a radar simulator which meets all applicable performance standards adopted by the organization standards required by Reg. II/1, II/2 & II/3, Sec.A-II/1, A-II/2 & A-II/3, Table A-II/1, A-II/2 & A-II/3 of STCW ’78 as amended. With the progressions of the course exercise of increasing complexity will be set to provide realistic practice in the use of radar for navigation and collision avoidance in confined water will heavy traffic.

Those successfully completing this course will be able to make efficient and effective use of radar to maintain safe navigation through the use of radar and modern navigation system to assist command decision – making at the management level.

A mandatory requirement for seafarers who wish to be professionally qualified as a Master.

Course Intake Limitations

  • Class room size : maximum 18 seats – lecture rooms / workshops / laboratories
  • Learner / trainer ratio : Lectures – 18:1, Practical – 9:1


The lecturer/instructor would, as a minimum, hold a Certificate of Competency as Chief Officer (Unlimited).

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

On Demand


40 Hours

Entry Requirements

This course is open to students of the following categories.

  1. Those who wish to gain or enhance their knowledge in the use of Simulator equipment. Their experience and qualifications will be assessed by HND and their enrollment will be at the discretion of the HND.
  2. Those who hold a Radar Observation and Plotting and ARPA Certificate.