BBM (Hons) in Accounting

The unprecedented changes in modern times and technology have already made a huge impact on accounting and innovations in technology will compel future accounting professionals acquire more skills and continuously update accounting knowledge. Cinec BBM (Hons) in Accounting has been designed to produce accounting professionals with much needed technology to face challengers in the accounting field and help them find practical solutions with research work and internship.

Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates



04 years

Course Modules

Year I: Semester I

BBMA 1131

Principles of Management

BBMA 1132

Business Mathematics

BBMA 1123


BBMA 1134

Financial Accounting

BBMA 1135

IT for Accounting & Finance

BBMA 1136

Business Communication Skills-I

Year I: Semester II

BBMA 1221


BBMA 1232

Cost Accounting

BBMA 1233

Statistics for Business

BBMA 1234

Marketing Management

BBMA 1235

Business Communication Skills –II

Year II: Semester I

BBMA 2131

Management Accounting

BBMA 2132

ERP for Accounting & Finance

BBMA 2133

Financial Reporting

BBMA 2134

Business Finance

BBMA 2135

Business Law and Corporate Law

BBMA 2136

Human Resource Management

Year II: Semester II

BBMA 2231

Computer Based Accounting

BBMA 2232

Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting

BBMA 2233

Organizational Behavior

BBMA 2234

Auditing and Assurance

BBMA 2136

Operations Management

Year III: Semester I

BBMA 3131

Investment and Portfolio Management

BBMA 3142

Corporate Reporting

BBMA 3133

Corporate Finance

BBMA 3134

Advanced Management Accounting

BBMA 3135


BBMA 3136

Professional and skills Development

Year III: Semester II

BBMA 3221

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

BBMA 3232

Business Valuation Theory and Application

BBMA 3233

Contemporary Issues in Accounting

BBMA 3234

Elective in Accounting -1 (Table 1)

BBMA 3235

Internship in Accounting – I

Year IV: Semester I

BBMA 4131

Research Methodology

BBMA 4132

Advanced Accounting Theory

BBMA 4133

Strategic Management

BBMA 4134

Elective in Accounting -2 (Table 2)

BBMA 4135

Internship in Accounting - II

Year IV: Semester II

BBMA 4231

Financial Statement Analysis

BBMA 4232

Advanced Auditing and Assurance

BBMA 4263

Dissertation in Accounting

BBMA 4234

Internship in Accounting – III

Entry Requirements

G. C. E. A/L Any Stream 3S passes for main subjects (Local) or Any other qualification of comparable standing recognized by UGC of Sri Lanka such as Edxcel/Cambridge with three passes for Main subjects in any stream

Job Opportunities

Account Manager, Financial Accountant, Budget Analyst, Tax Examiner, Financial Advisor