BBM (Hons) in Marketing

The BBM (Hons) in Marketing degree is a 4 year full degree and CINEC always facilitates students to find their internship in the second half of the final year. Many job opportunities in Marketing are highly sought by the respective industries. Any industry at some point needs branding and marketing and at present experiences a shortage of qualified workforce locally and globally to face future challenges. Marketing is evolving in Sri Lanka also and those who get this qualification with secure a bright future.

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Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

September / October


4 Years

Course Modules

Year 1: Semester 1 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 1301

Business English

BRMB 1302

Mathematics for Business

BRMB 1303

IT for Business

BRMB 1304

Marketing Management

BRMB 1305

Principles of Management

BRMB1 306

Accounting for Managers

Year 1: Semester 2 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 1307

Business Communication

BRMB 1308

Business Statistics

BRMB 1309

Fundamentals of Retailing

BRMB 1310

Fundamentals of Branding

BRMB 1311

Fundamentals of Branding

BRMB 1312

Human Resource Management

Year 2: Semester 1 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 2301

Business Ethics

BRMB 2302

Business Law

BRMB 2303

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

BRMB 2304

Financial Management & Strategies

BRMB 2305

Micro Economics

Year 2: Semester 2 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 2306

Brand Innovation & Development

BRMB 2307

Packaging & Logistic Management

BRMB 2308

Information Technology in Retailing

BRMB 2309

Macro Economics

BRMB 2310

Service Marketing

BRMB 2311

Quantitative Analysis in Business

Year 3: Semester 1 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 3301

Retail Buying & Negotiation

BRMB 3302

Research Method

BRMB 3302

Customer Relationship Management

BRMB 3304

Digital Media Marketing

Year 3: Semester 1 - Optional Subjects (one subject from these three)

BRMB 3305

Stores and Warehouse Management

BRMB 3306

Retail Marketing Management

BRMB 3307

Pricing in Retail Business

Year 3: Semester 2 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 3308

Quality Management

BRMB 3309

Supply Chain Management

BRMB 3310

Strategic Management

BRMB 3311

Retail Business Consultancy Project

BRMB 3312

Strategic Brand Management

Year 3: Semester 2 - Optional subjects (one subject from these three)

BRMB 3313

Risk Management

BRMB 3314

Project Management

BRMB 3315

Retail Purchasing and Merchandising

Year 4: Semester 1 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 4201

Research Design & Presentation

BRMB 4302

Global Retiling

BRMB 4303

Contemporary issues in Retailing & Brand Management

Year 4: Semester 2 - Compulsory Subjects

BRMB 4504

Industrial Training

BRMB 4605


*Internship in the first 6 months of the final year

Entry Requirements

G. C. E A/L Any Stream 3S passes (Local) or Any other qualification of comparable standing recognized by UGC/MoE of Sri Lanka such as Pearson / Cambridge with three passes in any stream

Job Opportunities

This degree offers you job opportunities as management executives with;

Global branding organizations

Supermarket Chains

Advertising and Consumer Marketing firms

Manufacturing organization

Services marketing firms

Research Organizations

Hotels, Television, Promotional, Mass media