BSc in International Transportation Management and Logistics (ITML)

BSc. in International Transportation Management and Logistics degree is offered by Dalian Maritime University (DMU) in China. DMU is affiliated to the World Maritime University and is recognized by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka.

This is a 4 year degree in which the students will be sent to internship in the first 6 months of the final year. The past students are presently employed in global and domestic organizations at senior levels. Logistics and Transport jobs are indispensible positions in any type of organizations thus attract high remuneration packages. Students will be provided with high quality education and systematic skill development and training during the campus life. High level of discipline and enhancement of positive attitude are the key concerns in any program conducted by CINEC.

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Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates



4 Years

Course Modules

Year 1: Semester 1

INTP 0301

Introduction to Transportation

ECON 0316


ITBU 0376

IT for Business

MATH 0377

Mathematics for Business I

NEVI 0307

Introduction to Navigation

ENGL 0378

English for Business I

FACA 0373

Financial and Cost Accounting

Year 1: Semester 2

ENGL 0380

English for Business II

TGEO 0302

Transport Geography

ENGK 0381

Basic Knowledge in Engineering

ECON 0317


MAGT 0361

Principal of Management

STAT 0367

Business Statistics

MATH 0379

Mathematics for Business II

Year 2: Semester 1

LOGI 0346

Introduction to Logistics

MISY 0369

Management Information Systems & Ecommerce

FMGT 0304

Financial Management

ILAW 0331

Introduction to Law

TLOP 0311

Transport and Logistics Policy

HRMG 0262

Human Resource Management

QTMG 0265

Quality Management

Year 2: Semester 2

PORT 0352

Port Management

MLAW 0331

Maritime Law

ECON 0319

Transport Economics

IWMG 0348

Inventory and Warehouse Management

SPMG 0306

Shipping Management

ACPT 0305

Air Cargo and Passenger Transportation

Year 3: Semester 1

TRCR 0333

Transport Contract and Regulation

ECON 0320

International Economics

PORT 0251

Port Loading and Unloading Techniques

ESTL 0309

Environmental and Social Impacts of Transport and Logistics

MRKT 0371

Marketing Management

PMGT 0347

Procurement Management

ABMG 0308

Airline Business Management

Year 3: Semester 2

CSSU 0282

Chinese Culture

CCIO 0234

Customs and Commodity Inspection Operation

ECON 0321


PLUT 0250

Port Planning

APMG 0350

Airport Planning and Management

ORSH 0372

Operational Research

PMGT 0364

Project Management

POMG 0368

Production and Operation Management

Year 4: Semester 1

STM 0263

Strategic Management

FTINO 0335

Foreign Trade Insurance

SCMG 0349

Strategic Supply Chain Management

REMD 0084

Research Methodology

Job Training

Year 4: Semester 2

MOTL 0310

Modelling in Transport and Logistics

CLAN 03835

Chinese Language

CWSE 1485

Course Works and Seminar

DISS 1586

Dissertation and Job Training

*Field Visits are arranged during every Semester

Entry Requirements

G. C. E. A/L Any Stream 3 S passes/ 2C passes (Local) for Main subjects or Any other qualification of comparable standing recognized by DMU such as Edxcel/Cambrige with three passes for Main subjects in any stream   or

Successful completion of Undergraduate Foundation of CINEC

Job Opportunities

The International Transportation Management and Logistics subject area provides many career opportunities in the world of work. In spite of the fact that the company is manufacturing, services, or trading, organizations need logistics and transport managers as the supply chain is one of the most key functions both in the private or public sector. Therefore, those who are majoring in this sector are always at a high demand.