BBM (Hons) in Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance sectors play an important role in the economic development of any country in the world. These sectors are considered as major service sectors of any country, contribute to the economic development not only by providing the Banking and Financial Services to the society but also by contributing a considerable amount to the Gross Domestic Products (GDP). As far as the Sri Lankan economy is concerned, corporate sector organizations in Sri Lanka use Banking and Financial services very effectively to manage their financial assets or wealth. They will not be able to meet their needs without having fully qualified, efficient and skilled human resources in the field of Banking and Finance within their organizations.

CINEC as a private leading academic institution in Sri Lanka has realized its prime responsibility in producing qualified, efficient and skilled human resources in the field of Banking and Finance to meet the national, industrial and regional needs.  Thus, the requirement of BBM (Hons) in Banking and Finance degree programme is to cater to the needs of local students, as well as this programme, has the capability to attract global students particularly from South and East Asian regions such as Maldives, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos.

Course Assessments

All the course units listed in the curriculum employ a continuous evaluation methodology which has traditionally proven to be the best approach to be employed. Most of the course units employ a mix of interim and final examination. Interim assessments can take many forms (such as case studies, group works, Individual assessments, debates etc.)

Following criteria were adopted when deciding the proportion of marks to Continuous Assessments (CA) and End Semester Examination (ESE):

  • Theoretically oriented course units – 30% CA & 70% ESE
  • Practically oriented course units – 40% CA & 60% ESE


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Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

September / October


4 Years

Course Modules

Year I: Semester I

BBM 1301

Principles of Management

BBM 1302

English for Business I

BBM 1303

Mathematics for Business

BBM 1304

IT for Business I

BBM 1305

Financial Accounting

Year I: Semester II

BBM 1306


BBM 1307

English for Business II

BBM 1308

Statistics for Business

BBM 1309

IT for Business II

BBM 1310

Cost and Management Accounting

Year II: Semester I

BBM 2301

Human Resource Management

BBM 2302

Financial Management

BBM 2303


BBM 2304

Commercial Law and Political Environment

BBM 2405

Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Year II: Semester II

BBM 2306

Quantitative Techniques for Finance

BBM 2207

Professional Development

BBM 2308

Operations Management

BBM 2409

Banking and Law of Financial Institutions & Securities

BBM 2310

Financial Institutions and Monetary Theory

Year III: Semester I

BBM 3301

Organizational Behaviour

BBM 3302

Corporate Finance

BBM 3303

Bank Management

BBM 3304

Investment and Portfolio Management

BBM 3305

Financial Modelling and Spread Sheeting

Year III: Semester II

BBM 3306

Management Information Systems

BBM 3307

Derivatives and Risk Management

BBM 3308

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

BBM 3309

International Finance and Banking

BBM 3310


Year IV: Semester I

BBM 4301

Strategic Management

BBM 4302

Business Valuation

BBM 4303


BBM 4304

e-Banking and Finance

BBM 4305

Research Methodology

Year IV: Semester II

BBM 4606


BBM 4307

Internship in Banking and Finance

BBM 4308

Financial Analysis

BBM 4309

Financial Economics

BBM 4310

Credit and Lending Management

BBM 4311

Contemporary Issues in Banking and Finance

BBM 4312

Global Financial Markets

Entry Requirements

The entry criteria of the candidates who wish to apply for BBM (Honours) in Banking and Finance (SLQF level 6) should fulfill the minimum qualification as specified by UGC.

Minimum Entry Qualifications

Candidates should have one of the following two qualifications:

  • Those who have passed GCE (Advanced Level) examination with three passes in any stream.

Any other qualification of comparable standing recognized by UGC of Sri Lanka such as Edexcel/Cambridge with three passes in any stream

Job Opportunities

The contribution of Banking and Finance sectors have become crucial with the development of the business world. Therefore, local as well as international career opportunities in this area is not diminishing but enhancing day by day. Finance, one of the most important department in any corporation. Banking is also moving with finance simultaneously with fast innovations.

Hence, Banking and Finance graduates have excellent career prospects both locally and globally. ­The typical entry level positions will be research and financial analysts, corporate Finance executives and investment banking executives. ­The target job market includes finance companies, commercial banks, investment and merchant banks, stock brokering companies, primary dealers, insurance companies, venture capital firms, fund management companies, unit trusts, pension funds and in corporate Finance divisions of any other organization.