PhD in Transportation Planning and Logistics Management

This 4-6 year PhD program is fully supervised by the veteran professors in the Dalian Maritime University (DMU) China.

After the completion of the taught courses the written exams are conducted locally. Thereafter, the students are invited by the DMU to attend dissertation workshops and reviews in the main university in China for a period of 1-2 weeks. Accommodation is provided in the university premises by DMU on recommendation by CINEC Campus (conditions apply). The prospective candidates are extremely lucky to reserve a seat in this program as only three students per year are recruited for the PhD from Sri Lanka by the Dalian Maritime University.

Target audience

Corporates in the Marine, Logistics & Shipping Industry

Assessment criteria

Module examinations and continuous assessments; Publications in SCI journals; Participation in Seminars and workshops

Course Type

Part Time

Course Commencement Dates



4 -6 Years

Course Modules

Course Modules


Quantitative methods


Logistics management


Economics analyses and evaluation of transportation engineering


Game theory and applications


Research methodology


Chinese language


Seminars (in preparation for the three publications)


Presentation of two scientific papers (minimum) in international seminars acceptable to DMU


Economics systems analyses



Entry Requirements

Masters degree and recommendation from high profile referee regarding the competence to follow a PhD and successful completion of the entry examination

Job Opportunities

Obtaining a PhD in Transportation Planning & Logistics Management from a world class university is achieving the highest self actualization in life. For those who get this prestigious qualification, the sky is the limit.