BMgt. (Hons) in Tourism and Hospitality Management

BMgt. (Hons) in Tourism and Hospitality Management degree is a program which students can obtain an honors degree of 4 years duration with specialization in the field of Cruise Tourism Management or Travel and Event Management. CINEC facilitates students to find their internship in the final year in reputed organizations. Internationally, Travel and Tourism generated US$7.2 Trillion in 2015, accounting for 9.8% of global gross domestic product, and 1 in 11 jobs worldwide were in the Travel and Tourism sector. Tourism and Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries, so those who obtain this qualification will have a great demand in both local and international job market.

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Course Type

Full Time

Course Commencement Dates

September / October


4 Years

Course Modules

Year 1: Semester I

THM 11013

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industry

THM 11023

Management Process and practice

THM 11032


THM 11042

Business Mathematics

THM 11052

IT for Tourism

THM 11063

Business English

THM 11071 / THM 11081

Sri Lanka Studies for Tourism ~OR~ Managing Diversity for Tourism

Year 1: Semester II

THM 12093

E Tourism

THM 12103

Tourism Legislations and Insurance Policies

THM 12112

Basics of Tourism Marketing

THM 12123

Front Office Management

THM 12132

Accounting for Tourism

THM 12142

Communication Skills for Tourism

THM 12151 / THM 12161

World Affairs and Diplomacy for Tourism ~OR~ Basics of Total Quality Management

Year 2: Semester I

THM 21012

Typologies of Tourism

THM 21023

Housekeeping and Accommodation Operations

THM 21032

Entrepreneurship Development for Tourism

THM 21043

Tourism Economics

THM 21053

Facilities Operations Management

THM 21062

Management accounting for Tourism

THM 21071 / THM 21081

Social Etiquette for Tourism ~OR~ Psychology and Business Counselling

Year 2: Semester II

THM 22093

Tourism Destination Management

THM 22102

Consumer Behavior For Tourism

THM 22113

Kitchen Operations

THM 22123

Food and Beverage Management

THM 22132

Health and Safety in Tourism

THM 22142

Business Statistics for Tourism

THM 22152

Industry Training – 100 hours

Year 3: Semester I

THM 31013

Tourism Planning and Development

THM 31023

International Tourism Marketing

THM 31033

Event Management

THM 31043

Catering Technology and Management

THM 31053

Sustainable Tourism development

THM 31062

Human Resource Management in Tourism

Year 3: Semester II - Specialisation in Cruise Tourism Management

THM 32103

Understanding Cruise and Tourism

THM 32113

Basics of Coastal and Ocean Management

THM 32123

Cruise Ship Tourism

THM 32133

Cruise Operations Management – I

THM 32143

Cruise passenger Behavior and Customer Services

THM 32152

Essential Skills at Sea

THM 3216

Research Methodology

Year 4: Semester I - Specialisation in Cruise Tourism Management

THM 41013

Managing Cruise Market

THM 41023

Managing Cruise Products

THM 41033

Cruise Operations Management – II

THM 41043

Cruise line Operations

THM 41052

Cruise Ship Facilities

Year 4: Semester II - Specialisation in Cruise Tourism Management

THM 42066


THM 42074

Industrial Training – 400 hrs

Year 3: Semester II - Specialisation in Travel and Event Management

THM 32173

Travel Management

THM 32183

MICE Tourism

THM 32193

Travel and Tour Agency Operations

THM 32203

Tour Guiding and package design

THM 32213

Digital Marketing and Communication

THM 32222

Passenger Transport Operations

THM 3216

Research Methodology

Year 4: Semester I - Specialisation in Travel and Event Management

THM 41083

Airline Geography and Application

THM 41093

Travel Documents and Formalities

THM 41102

Inbound Tours and Tour Management

THM 41112

Air Tickets and IATA BSP

THM 41122

Ticketing & Travel Logistics

THM 41132

Facility Management in Events

Year 4: Semester II - Specialisation in Travel and Event Management

THM 42146


THM 42154

Industrial Training – 400 hrs

Entry Requirements

Those who have passed GCE A/L examination with three (03) passes in any Scheme or any other qualification of comparable standing recognized by UGC of Sri Lanka such as Edexcel/Cambridge with three (03) passes

Job Opportunities

This degree offers you job opportunities in the fields of,

  • Travel companies and Tour operators
  • Hotels, Resorts Management, development and construction
  • Event management
  • Cruise companies
  • Airline, railway travel and passenger services
  • Banquets, Conferences and conventions centers
  • Tourist offices and ministries of tourism
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Concert and theatre venues
  • Museums and other cultural venues
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of hospitality equipment
  • Spa and Wellness Management
  • Consulting and Academic