CINEC ‘Career Day 2022’

CINEC Campus (Pvt) Ltd. took the extreme pride of successfully concluding the ‘Career Day 2022’ on 31st of August 2022.  It comprised two main sessions: the panel discussion and a session for undergraduates to discuss with resource persons regarding their future career and career developments.

The presence of distinguished professionals from the field of Humanities and Education, Engineering and IT, Management and Health Science, added colours to the panel discussion while exposing our undergraduates to a fruitful discussion. The esteemed Panelists for the event were, Professor Nimal Punyasiri, Professor and Chair of Biochemistry, University of Colombo, Dr. Ajith Madurrapperuma, Senior Lecturer Open University, Mr.Jagath Pathirana, Group Director of IAS Holdings Pvt. Ltd, and Mr.Sameera Jayawardena, Career Advisor, University of Jaywardenapura, moderated by CINEC Career Development Officer Ms.Grace Wickremasinghe.

The event was remarkable since it provided CINEC undergraduates with the opportunity to shape their attitudes towards different professions, and they were privileged enough to be influenced by personalities, opinions, beliefs and advises of experts.

In addition, students’ session accompanying resource person was not a mere exposure to advices. Violating the conventional model of student-resource person interviews, CINEC exposed its undergraduates to productive workshops related to career guidance where our undergraduates played an active role by cognitively engaging in the session. Resource persons from hundreds of fields and prestigious companies were there to help students break their mental blocks by providing them with knowledge of a range of opportunities that are available for them based on their skills, knowledge and competencies. Furthermore, they were educated regarding soft-skills, personality traits, knowledge and competencies demanded by the highly competitive job market.

Particularly, CINEC ‘Career Day 2022’ was all about educating undergraduates on how to secure the best and most suitable position in the job market based on the personality, skills, competencies and knowledge developed throughout their journey at CINEC.