Inauguration of Aviation Professional Training – BATCH 02

CINEC campus recently held the inauguration of their 2nd batch of Aviation Professional Training, .The event was graced by IATA Country manager , Mr. Buddhika Hewawasam, who delivered an inspiring keynote speech. The focus of this inauguration was to welcome new students , educate parents and newcomers about the course, the exceptional campus facilities, the prestigious IATA qualification in Aviation, and CINEC’s unique “Beyond the Graduate” concept in training.
Additionally, the importance and value of the IATA qualification were underscored, showcasing how it opens doors to numerous opportunities in the global aviation industry. Our “Beyond the Graduate” concept was also presented, illustrating our commitment , not only educate but also support our students in their professional development and career advancement.
The event was a remarkable success, reinforcing CINEC’s dedication to excellence in aviation education .