Press release for CINEC ‘Global MBA Program’

CINEC launched yet another exclusive post graduate programme extending it’s global presence in the education sector, this time in collaboration with Germany. The Global MBA is the first ever German accredited post graduate programme delivered in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Germany’s premier distance learning university, SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University (MU).

The Global MBA offered through CINEC is delivered in the English medium and is the identical programme available in the German language. The 7-module programme was developed exclusively for this collaboration and available only through CINEC and is the only accredited  post graduate programme available in Sri Lanka by a German university.

For those who aspire to seek opportunities in Germany and EU countries, this prgramme will be an imminent qualification to further their potential. The programme is offered at a subsidized rate making it more affordable to local and Asian students who wish to pursue.

“CINEC completed a rigorous documentation and audit procedure by the German Authorities to ensure that the institute provides and maintains the same high standards as in German universities, subsequent to which we were pleased to be awarded the approval and included in the German ANIBIN database which recognized CINEC to be in conformance to the required standards.” Capt. Peshala Medagma, Asst. Vice President – International Cooperation and Foreign Projects at CINEC who is driving the project stated. “This collaboration brings 2 premium institutes together of both countries; MU in Germany being the first distance teaching University in Germany and the No.1 – Most popular distance education University in both 2019 and 2020 and CINEC being the only establishment in Sri Lanka to be the recipient of the NQA for 4 consecutive 5-year terms as well as the only educational institute in Sri Lanka to be awarded the prestigious ‘Presidential Award’ for education export. Therefore the high credentials of both institutions vouch well the quality and standard of the Global MBA.”, Capt. Medagama further stated.

The team at CINEC will facilitate and support all students to make this a pleasant experience ensuring the successful completion of all modules while providing complimentary access to an  online German language course as well as access to online career services through job interviews with prospective employers in Germany and the European Union.