CINEC Colloquium Series 2021- Session 01

CINEC Colloquium Series is organized to empower CINEC’s staff by promoting research, providing networking opportunities and sharing best approaches for impactful research. The first session of the CINEC Colloquium series was held on 10th February 2021 in the CINEC auditorium. Dr. Rohan Pallewatta graced the session and shared his insights on “Research from bench to market”.

In his speech he mentioned how researchers should engage in research on what they are passionate about, how to add value to existing research, how to look at something with a practitioner’s point of view rather than the academic point of view and how to innovate and market research findings.

Dr. Rohan Pallewatta has shown the world what Sri Lanka can do, and he has been able to rake millions of foreign currency to Sri Lanka. The main take-home point of his speech was that researchers should never accept a “No” as an answer as there is always light at the end of a tunnel.